Figurines in marble, we are manufacturer supplier and wholesaler of these marble figurines, we are not making only Elephant figures, but our artists they are specialized to work with marble and stone to create any kind of figurine like statues, animals, God, Goddess, like as VISHNU BHAGWAN, GANESHA FIGURE, RADHA AND KRISHNA, SARASWATI, SHANKER BHAGWAN, SHIV, RAM, SITA, LAXMAN, SHERAWALI STATUE, COW STATUE, KRISHNA STATUE Read more men STATUE, women, naked, Kamasutra and some other figurine. This beautiful figurine or figure in marble or other Stones is possible to make in any Size. we have our own family where we produce any kind of figures, normally when the Mughals they had ruled in Agra India, so Normally they had used the elephants and Horses as transportation, Mostly the Kings and emperor and in their Princess love to sit on the back of the elephants, so today in Agra we are making beautiful Elephant figure in various pattern, in various sizes and in various colours, normally we use the different colours of Marbles, like White Marble, Black marble and Green Marble, but if anyone they are interesting to purchase in Lapis Lazuli Elephant or malachite elephant or in Rose Quartz elephants, so we can make for them, to have an Elephant figure with the trunk up or in Trunk down, which means the elephant with the trunk up means a welcome, a symbol of welcome and Trunk down means, a symbol of respect, so what you are waiting for, just give a missed call or e-mail to us , so we’re ready to sell you a beautiful luxury elephant, for which you can use indoor and outdoor Pupose. Read more