Square Chess Board – A Complete Collection of Marble Chess Tables and Pieces for Chess Player, We are a Manufacturer of Marble Inlay Art Chess Board and Chess Pieces.
We Make Square Chess Board in Various Color and Different Kind of Marbles, like a White Marble Inlay Art Chess Board, Black Marble Inlay Art Chess Board and Green Marble Inlay Art Chess Board with Handmade Marble Chess Pieces. we have Set of Chess in White and Black Marble, Green and Jade Chess Pieces, Lapizlazuli Chess Set, Malachite Chess Set and Some More in Wood Chess Set and Brass Chess Set. We deal in Chess Board or Chess Tables in Various Colors of marble-like as White Marble, Green Marble and in Black Marble. if you order us for any Color and Size so we can make for you. We have our own Marble Factory in Agra-India, where we have 25 Craftsman who works with different Ideas, If you have your own Design or Sizes for Marble Chess Set, So we can Make for you as per your Size and Design. we have an Artist who make the different design as Abstract Design, geometric design and Mughal design. Today in this world there are many Chess Players in this world who are the Masters in Chess Game. Many People are Playing Chess Games in Mobile and Laptop, but the real Players are Playing Chess Games on original Marble Tables or Marble Board. We have many board game in our Marble Inlay Art like as Chess Board, Carrom Board and Ludo Board.