Marble Ring Box for Gift For Her in White Marble with Flower Design, we deal in all kind of Inlay Marble Jewelry Boxes, Keepsake, Utility & Collectibles Box. Boxes is a collection of an object to keep a collective jewellery box things inside, most of the country’s many girls and women are still using these boxes for keeping as a keepsake, this jewellery boxes will be nice for a gift purpose, we are making these marble boxes in black Marble, in white marble and green marble boxes are available in same like Taj Mahal Inlay Art, which was done 400 years before, these marble keepsake for these marble jewellery box will be perfect for a Christmas and New Year gift box for a gift for her, a box for a gift for mum, a box for a gift for Dad, a box is available in rectangle, octagonal and in round shape. these jewellery boxes will be a nice gift, Like Shah Jahan Gifted the Taj Mahal to his wife as a gift, purpose of this beautiful jewellery boxes are for many users, these boxes are available in our website with various colour if you have your own choice and size and colour so you may contact us through email through the website, we are ready to create a logo on the special box, so we have a tissue box, we have a jewellery box, we have ring box, we have playing card box, we have cigar boxes, we are making a different kind of  Inlay boxes is in our marble inlay, what we are what you are waiting for just-login our website and buy online thank you.