Marble Inlay Dining Table for Home Decor & Counter Top with Brass Stand, we Deal in Marble Inlaid Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Center Table Top, Side bedTables, Console Tables, Garden Tables and Marble Slabs and Counter Tops with Flower Inlaid Art Same Like the Taj Mahal Inlay Art called Parchinkari. This is the Same Parchinkari Art which was done on the walls of the Taj Mahal in Agra India 400 years ago, by the Persian Artist and Craftsman, “WHAT IS PARCHINKARI”? The Art Decorated by Flowers and Calligraphy by the Semi-precious Stones and Inlaid into the Marble or Granite with Hard Secret Glue and Polished By Sand and Water is Called Parchinkari, in English Called Inlay Art same known as PietraDura Art in European Language. We are Selling these Marble Inlay Dining Table with Stand and without the Stand, We are Selling these Tables is a different form like as Mable Dining Table, Dinner Tables, Marble Coffee Tables, Pietradura Tables, Garden Tables, Decorated Tables, Marble Inlaid Art tables, Indian Decorated Tables, Center Tables, Coffee Table Tops with Semi-Precious Stones. These Tables we are making in Different Shapes, like as Octangular Tables, Round Tables, Rectangular Tables, Hexagonal Tables and in Square Shape Tables. 10 Most Common Size of the Dining Tables is 12ft X 4ft, 10ft X 4ft, 5ft X 3ft, 6ft X 4ft Table Tops, and Above Sizes, the most Selling Size of the Coffee Table is 100cm X 100cm in Round Shape, and the Second most Selling Coffee Table Size is 120cm X 120cm in Round Shape and in Octangular Shape. The Most Selling Dining Table size is 10ft X 4ft/ 120cm X 120cm. we are selling these Tables in three different Colors of Marble, like as White Marble, Green Marble and Black Marble, but sometimes we get the special order or requirement for Italian Granite, So we going to work on that stones. our Coffee tables and Dining Tables will use Practically and washable with simply soap and water, same as the Taj Mahal in Agra India, No one clean the Taj Mahal except Nature, when the Rain its come on the Taj Mahal, so it’s Naturally washed by rainwater. we have the Stock of these Table Tops in our Ready Stock. If you have your own Requirement or any special Size or Special Design so we are ready to serve you best Service and Quality. we have our own Marble Factory with a team of 25 different Craftsmen, who are specialised in their Inlay Jobs. Our Coffee Tables can be used in indoor and outdoor purpose.