Marble Backgammon Board – One of the most seasoned dice games on the planet, backgammon is played everywhere on the world. So let the semi-valuable stones and our delightful marble Board make the cherished game significantly all the more intriguing.

Back gammon boards are available in marble with rectangle, octagonal, round and in square shape, these beautiful marble inlay Art backgammon game board is available with different colours of semi precious stone, this is the same semi precious stone art which was done on the walls of Taj Mahal, if you are the player of Back gammon board and chess board, so you may contact to us, so we can make any kind of sizes and colours in the Back gammon Board and chessboard, these beautiful Backgammon Tables are playing with dies and chips, like marble chips and Stone Chips, so we have a beautiful chips of stones for playing purpose, this back gammon boards, we can ship to anywhere in this world and the white marble is Translucents, So it will looks good with the light if you put the light behind and then in the night, it will will look beautiful, this is the same Art which was done in Fatehpur Sikri, in the Taj Mahal, Agra fort and baby Taj, this is called pietradura Art, this beautiful board game are available in different colours and sizes, please contact us, if you are looking for backgammon, chess board, carrom board, Ludo board. so we can make these boards in custom made, but sport Player will love backgammon Tables, which is available right now, in our marble inlay art factory, so what you are waiting for, just give missed call or email to us, we will save you the best quality and product.