Marble Inlay Tiles & Marble Inlay Borders for Floorings Design, we are Specialise for Making Marble Inlay Tiles & Marble Inlay Borders, MOP Flooring, Wooden Inlay, Contact us for Marble Design and Art Work. Marble tiles are the most popular product in our marble selling products, we are making these marble tiles and marble flooring border for hotels and for interior purpose, we are specialised to make a Hotel’s Medallion with matching products and these beautiful tiles are made in Semiprecious Stones and precious stone. we are mostly making in MOP work, what is MOP? means, mother of Pearl, this beautiful mother of pearl Borders and tiles will be nice for your new house or a new hotel, in marble inlay art, the same work was done 400 years before on the walls of TAJ MAHAL. we have lots of Taj Mahal design with us, so you can choose the better Taj Mahal design for your Bathroom and Kitchen. today we are making these beautiful tiles and borders with flora and fauna design, we are making these design in Abstract and Geometric Design, some special design is beautiful flowers in our available in all sizes with any colours if you are looking to make a new house hotel Lobby, Italian design marble tiles and marble Borders and some other marble product for a wall hanging purpose. we are specialised to make marble medallions, and marble stairs or maybe Hotel lobby interior Purpose, so what you are waiting for you, we ready to serve you with a piece of Nice Marble Tiles and Borders.


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