Marble Flower Vase with flower Inlaid Art, what is Inlaid Art? The Art which was done by a semi-precious stone on the walls of Taj Mahal in Agra India, this is the traditional Indian Art which was done 400 years before by the help of the Persian craftsmen on the request of Shah Jahan who was the builder of the Taj Mahal, today we are making this beautiful Marble Flower Vase in white marble, in black marble and in green marble on demand from the clients with the various sizes and different design. Today these flower vases we are making in our own factory which will be nice to decorate in your home, as a home decor Product purpose, or use in your office or it will be a nice decoration in the centre of a lobby in your Hotel, this will change the look of your hotel, we have small sizes of each flower vases and big sizes, so we can create also these beautiful flower vases and it can be used in indoor and outdoor purpose, it can be wash easily with simply soap and water, like the Taj Mahal, no one wash the Taj Mahal, it will wash and clean by Nature, The Taj Mahal looks beautiful when the rain will come and its naturally wash and all the dust will remove from the top of the marble, Marble containing the Crystal in it, so as much as you washed the Marble, So the New Crystal will come out, so what you are waiting for just give us missed call or email to us we are ready to serve you nice products from India.