“Pietra Dura Art” is known as Pietra dura or Pietre dure, called Parchin Kari or ParchinKari in the Indian Subcontinent, is a term for the decorate method of utilizing cut and fitted, exceptionally cleaned shaded stones to make pictures. It is viewed as beautiful workmanship.

The stonework “Pietra Dura Art”, after the work is gathered freely, is stuck stone-by-stone to a substrate in the wake of having recently been “cut and cut fit as a fiddle segment; and afterwards amassed together so exactly that the contact between each part was for all intents and purposes imperceptible”. Security was accomplished by cutting the undersides of the stones so they interlocked, rather like a jigsaw puzzle, with everything held rigidly set up by a circling ‘outline’. A wide range of hued stones, especially marbles, were utilized, alongside semi-precious, and even valuable stones. It previously showed up in Rome in the sixteenth century, arriving at its full development in Florence. Pietra dura things are for the most part made on green, white or dark marble base stones. Normally, the subsequent board is totally level, yet a few models where the picture is in low alleviation were made, bringing the work more into the territory of hardstone cutting.

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