Black Marble Dinning Table Top with Elephant and Bird Design

US$5,500.00 US$3,200.00

Black Marble Table Top | Marble Pietredura Table

Size : 120cm X 120cm / 48″ X 48″

Size : 4ft X 4ft

Black Marble Inlay Art Table Top for Dinner.

price is mentioned without Stand.


Black Marble tabletop with flower Art, this beautiful tabletop is inlaid with elephant and birth design. beautiful tabletop is in 4feet X 4feet in Octangle SHAPE, This Pietra dura tabletop can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose if anyone can put hot or cold or liquid it can be wash with simple soap and water this flower art tabletop is inlaid with semi-precious stone like lapis lazuli, green Onyx, red onyx, Agate, Jasper and some more stones, if anybody interesting for this coffee table or a dining table so we can ship to around the world this is a beautiful luxury table this is the same art which was done on the walls of Taj Mahal.